About Us

DARMO Enterprises, L.L.C. has been in business since 2000 and in the industriy for over 40 years.  This experience defines our success, and by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible we will secure your success.  Want to find out more about our company?   Read what our customers have to say.

Please meet our team below. We look forward to working with you!



James L. Fraughton - Owner & CEO

   Email -  jimmo@darmoenterprises.com

     Phone:  281-831-6331



   James L. Fraughton  "Jimmo"

General Manager - All Operations

    Phone: 281 831-6331

Email:  jimmo@darmoenterprises.com


"Jimmo" Fraughton - Quality Assurance Manager

       Phone - (281) 831-6331

        Fax   -  (713) 856-5668

    email:   jimmo@darmoenterprises.com


James L. Fraughton - Facility & Maintenance Supervisor

                   Phone (281) 831-6331

             email:   jimmo@darmoenterprises.com


Jimmo Fraughton - Engineering & Design Coordinator

                Phone (281) 831-6331


   email:   jimmo@darmoenterprises.com


James L. Fraughton - Procurement, Shipping & Receiving

          Phone:  (281) 831-6331

   Email:   jimmo@darmoenterprises.com


"Jimmo" Fraughton - Machinist Lead & CNC Programmer

                 Phone (281) 831-6331

             email:   jimmo@darmoenterprises.com